The FlächenTOOL (plot tool) of the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure brings site supply and demand together.

As of now, the digital platform also indicates which registered sites are located in the 900 search areas that are being tendered by the Federal Ministry of Transport as part of the Germany network for the expansion of fast-charging parks. This makes it easier for investors to find available sites in the search areas.

The invitation to tender for the regional lots of the Germany network is about to be published in September. The winners will be commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) to install and operate fast-charging parks in 900 search areas across the entire country. The goal: to secure basic supply for medium and long-haul transport with fast-charging infrastructure across Germany with the aid of the new fast-charging parks from the Germany network in addition to the existing and additional, new locations.

Each of the 900 search areas designates a particular area, for example around a traffic hub. Any bidder for one of the 23 so-called regional lots, into which the search areas are bundled, must find and submit suitable locations within the search areas.

Charging infrastructure operators can also find free plots in the respective tender lots from now on in the FlächenTOOL of the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure. The digital platform lists properties that in general, are potentially available for the construction of charging infrastructure. For federal states, municipalities, municipal and other companies as well as private persons who have properties, the platform provides the opportunity to make attractive locations visible and available to bidders. Bidders who find what they are looking for can make contact with the property owners directly through the FlächenTOOL. No specialist prior knowledge is required for the use of the tool.

The submission of attractive sites is worthwhile also outside the 900 search areas of the Germany network and also for smaller properties, as the construction of publicly-accessible charging infrastructure will continue to be supported by funding programmes, be it at the supermarket carpark, hotel or restaurant or in front of the sports hall. You can learn more about the funding programmes of the BMVI here:

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