FlächenTOOL from the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure brings supply and demand for space together. The digital platform will now also provide information on already existing public charging infrastructure and electric mobility concepts from local municipalities.

A year ago, the National Control Centre for Charging Infrastructure launched the FlächenTOOL platform. Municipalities, companies and private individuals can offer their land for the construction of charging infrastructure, while investors can find suitable plots for their projects.

There are currently more than 850 properties listed on the map and the associated database of FlächenTOOL, some of which are also in the search areas of the Germany Network (Deutschlandnetz). Week after week, new plots are added. The platform itself is also constantly being developed. It now has four new features:

Existing public charging infrastructure is being displayed

All those wanting to build charging infrastructure have one key question: what public charging facilities already exist in the area? That is why FlächenTOOL now displays public charging infrastructure that has been reported to the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur). Filters can be applied for regular charging stations, fast-charging stations and HPC charging stations.

Electric mobility concepts from the municipalities will be displayed

Under the ‘Local Electric Mobility’ funding guideline from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, many municipalities have submitted electric mobility concepts, ranging from general concepts to the analysis of the potential of electric mobility in the municipality, to specific topics such as establishing an exclusive e-taxi fast-charging infrastructure. These concepts can now be displayed in the map of FlächenTOOL. Municipalities thus show investing parties that they have already worked out charging infrastructure concepts and are ready to implement them. And investing parties benefit from the local expertise and commitment.

Investing parties can promote themselves with profiles

Investing companies now have the opportunity to create profiles and introduce themselves. Those with available property can actively search for investors to implement charging infrastructure projects. This makes it easier and faster for supply and demand to come together.

Upload multiple properties at the same time

Those wishing to offer multiple properties at the same time for the installation of charging infrastructure no longer have to enter each plot individually, but can work with a template. This saves time and increases the user-friendliness of the platform. This function will be activated shortly. Felix Steck, Team Leader of Planning at the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure: “FlächenTOOL is one of a range of digital tools the Centre uses to accelerate the planning and construction of charging infrastructure. Investing companies can now set up a profile there to shine a spotlight on themselves and be contacted directly. Supply and demand for properties can now find each other more easily.”

FlächenTOOL from the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure can be found here www.flaechentool.de