FlächenTOOL from the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure now lists around 1,000 properties that are available for the development of charging infrastructure in Germany. The digital platform was launched in November 2020 and has the goal of bringing landowners like municipalities, companies and private persons together with those who want to invest in charging infrastructure.

FlächenTOOL also offers added value when bidding for the regional lots of the Germany Network (Deutschlandnetz).  Properties entered into FlächenTOOL can be found in more than 100 of the 900 search areas, and in some search areas there are several.

Felix Steck, Head of Team Planning at the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure: “We are pleased that so many properties are available in FlächenTOOL. Municipalities can benefit from FlächenTOOL and help their citizens avail of a well-developed charging infrastructure, without having to finance it themselves. Investors are finding numerous sites, also in the search areas of the Germany Network (Deutschlandnetz). This is another perfect example of how our projects intersect, also digitally.”

The functionalities of the tool are continually being further developed. One new feature is the option of uploading and publishing up to 50 sites at the same time.

Further information: www.flächentool.de