Fastned is building a pan-European network of fast-charging stations for electric cars. On 22 June 2018 the first station was opened in Germany.

It is located on the A3 motorway in Limburg an der Lahn and has several 350 kW loaders. This enables electric cars to be recharged over 100 times faster than at home.

Fastned wants to build a network of over 1,000 fast-charging stations in Europe, with several hundred to be located in Germany. The stations will be built in busy areas along motorways and in cities.

Fastned currently operates 73 stations in the Netherlands and is preparing for the expansion of its network in other neighbouring countries, including the UK and Belgium. 18 stations will have been opened in Germany by the end of the year.

The stations are being subsidised in the amount of 4.1 million euros under the BMVI programme: Charging infrastructure for electric cars.