On 9 November 2023, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, Dr. Volker Wissing, visited NOW GmbH, accompanied by his staff of experts. The purpose of the visit was to have an expert exchange with NOW management as well as heads of programmes about current issues, such as the market ramp-up of climate-friendly buses and commercial vehicles as well as the development of an initial high-capacity charging network for battery-operated trucks.

Kurt-Christoph v. Knobelsdorff (CEO NOW GmbH): “We would like to thank the Minister and his staff for the committed, future-oriented discussion. It once again became clear that the decarbonisation of the transport sector is an integral part of the transformation of the energy system and can only be successfully realized with a coordinated effort, together with the energy industry.”

NOW GmbH has been supporting the federal government in its climate and energy policy goals since 2008, with an emphasis on the mobility sector. NOW GmbH manages funding programmes and projects in the hydrogen, fuel cell, battery and renewable fuels sectors. These deal with the rethinking of mobility and fuels for cars, buses, trains, commercial vehicles, ships and airplanes, as well as supporting the establishment and further development of charging infrastructure and hydrogen refuelling stations for cars and trucks. Furthermore, NOW closely monitors the regulatory framework – on national, EU and international levels. Recently, NOW has increasingly been working on data-based analysis and forecasting tools.


Image: © Franz Josef, Berlin