The three winning regions in the HyPerformer category were today honoured at the 2nd HyLand Symposium taking place in Berlin. The regions will each receive funding of up to 15 million euros for the implementation of regionally integrated hydrogen concepts for the procurement of hydrogen applications in the transport sector.

Dr Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport: “We want to become one of the leading hydrogen nations worldwide. In order to bring innovative technologies across the board, we are providing incentives for the establishment of a local hydrogen economy with the HyLand competition. We are continuing this success story with the new HyPerformer regions. HyPerformer regions are lighthouse projects on a national and international scale. The first networks, infrastructures and projects have already been established in these regions. The next step is now the rollout of the technology and its practical application – we want to actively push this forward with our funding. Hydrogen technologies make an important contribution towards achieving our climate protection goals in the transport sector.”

The winning regions in the HyPerformer category of the 2nd HyLand phase:

  • Rügen-Stralsund (H2-Projektregion Rügen-Stralsund)
  • Erfurt (TH2ECO-Mobility)
  • Rhine-Ruhr (HyPerformer Rhein-Ruhr)

The new HyPerformer regions will each receive up to 15 million euros in investment grants for the implementation of the regional hydrogen concepts for the procurement of hydrogen applications in the transport sector. The total project volume of the three new HyPerformer regions is 131 million euros. The approaches pursued in the regions represent the entire value chain of hydrogen in the transport sector: from production to storage, distribution and refuelling infrastructure to versatile transport applications, such as buses, municipal commercial vehicles, trucks or passenger cars.

With the three new HyPerformer regions, the BMDV is now funding 53 hydrogen regions in the three funding categories as part of the HyLand process. In addition to the HyPerformers, regions are supported as HyStarters (for activating the stakeholder landscape) and as HyExperts (for creating concepts ready for implementation).

About HyLand

“HyLand – Hydrogen Regions in Germany” is a competition of the BMDV that was launched in 2019. HyLand motivates stakeholders in all regions of Germany to initiate (HyStarter), plan (HyExperts) and implement (HyPerformer) concepts for the use of hydrogen and fuel cell technology in transport. The goal is the development of a regional hydrogen economy and regional application clusters. The integrated approach ensures that initial business models can be implemented, taking into account their application, refuelling infrastructure and hydrogen production.

Funding is provided within the scope of the National Innovation Programme Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology 2016 – 2026. HyLand is coordinated by NOW GmbH and implemented by the Project Management Organisation Jülich (PtJ).

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Winning region Rügen-Stralsund:

Winning region Rhine-Ruhr:

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