Submission of project outlines until 31 October 2022 | Online seminar to provide assistance

The German Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV – Bundesministerium für Digital and Transport) has today published a new call for funding entitled “Biological methanation using CO2 sources from bioenergy production and hydrogen at a central location for the production of renewable fuel”. (“Biologische Methanisierung unter Nutzung von CO2-Quellen aus der Bioenergieproduktion und Wasserstoff an einem zentralen Standort zur Produktion von regenerativem Kraftstoff“”). The funding call is intended to help bring biological methanation to market maturity as an innovative technology for the production of CNG and LNG fuels. Projects can include the construction and operation of pilot plants, their procurement of green hydrogen as well as scientific support for the optimisation and assessment of the ecological and economic potential. The focus is on application-oriented projects, which is why the call for funding is also aimed in particular at companies such as those in the fields of facility construction, component manufacture (electrolysis, synthesis processes) and fuel production and application.

Online seminar provides information and offers assistance

The deadline for submitting project outlines is 31 October 2022. Interested parties have the opportunity to learn more about the funding measure in an online seminar scheduled for 11 May 2022 by the two institutions commissioned by the BMDV to implement the funding measure, NOW GmbH and the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR – Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e. V.). To register for the online seminar, click here.

Renewable fuels have great potential for climate protection

The “Biological Methanisation” funding call is published within the framework of the BMDV’s “Guideline on the Promotion of Measures for the Development of Renewable Fuels” (“Richtlinie zur Förderung von Maßnahmen zur Entwicklung regenerativer Kraftstoffe” ). This guideline covers projects for demonstration, innovation and market preparation across the entire spectrum of renewable fuels in gaseous and liquid form for all modes of transport. In addition to regular technology-open deadlines, the BMDV also publishes topic-specific calls for funding.

The funding support for renewable fuels is an important building block for achieving the climate protection goals in the transport sector. While conventional biofuels are already available on the market, there is still development potential for electricity-based fuels and for advanced biofuels from waste and by-products. In order to tap this potential, the BMDV is relying on its overall Renewable Fuels Concept (“Gesamtkonzept Erneuerbare Kraftstoffe”) to support both the further development of fuel technologies and the market entry and ramp-up of these fuels.