The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV – Bundesministerium für Digital and Transport) supports municipalities and companies in the creation of user-oriented and innovative electric mobility and charging infrastructure concepts.

The current funding call, presented by Minister Volker Wissing at the 8th “Elektromobilität vor Ort” conference on local electric mobility in Berlin, offers a combination of electrification, new charging infrastructure approaches as well as the digitalisation of mobility from a municipal and commercial perspective, for the first time.

Federal Minister Volker Wissing: “Our future is climate-neutral. That is why we are now supporting innovative concepts to plan and further develop the use of electric mobility in municipalities and business. Examples include the electrification of vehicle fleets and municipal transportation. Innovative charging infrastructure concepts are also conceivable, as are sustainable logistics and mobility concepts – all of which are, of course, always accompanied by the idea of digitalisation. But we are also seeking to integrate private e-offers such as pooling and sharing services or innovative public transport solutions more strongly into municipal concepts.”

Among these are concepts for the implementation of new forms of mobility and services (e.g., “Mobility as a Service”). This term is currently being used to establish an increasing number of private services on the market, the benefits of which can be actively integrated into overall municipal concepts: Here, various mobility services and forms are networked with each other, always with a focus on electric mobility, such as public transport, cross-modal sharing and pooling, the taxi industry, car rentals or overarching fleet applications.

Concepts involving digitalisation are also of great importance in the area of infrastructure and networks. In addition to the classic charging infrastructure concepts, sharing approaches can also be integrated into this, for instance in order to fully exploit the potential of a charging station through joint use by different parties. Especially in areas with limited space availability, this can lead to a relief on the charging infrastructure and at the same time optimise its utilisation. Further potential can be exploited through concepts for tying in with the energy sector or coupling vehicles and charging infrastructure.

The priorities of this funding call address these needs and reflect the contribution of electric mobility and the diversity of innovative and sustainable mobility solutions in municipalities and companies. Up to 80 percent of the expenditure will be funded with up to 100,000 euros (net).

Project outlines can be submitted via the following link (in German):

Detailed information is available (in German) for applicants at:

The deadline for applications is 19 May 2022 for online submissions and 20 May 2022 (postmark) for submissions by post.


With the Electric Mobility Funding Guideline, which runs until the end of 2025, the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV) supports the market ramp-up of electric mobility through three funding pillars:

  • Procurement of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure required for their operation
  • Municipal and commercial electric mobility and charging infrastructure concepts
  • Research and development projects

Since 2015, a large number of electric mobility and charging infrastructure concepts have been realised through the Electric Mobility Funding Guideline. These concepts are consolidated via the programme’s accompanying research can be accessed (in German) at: