The ‘new member’ of the city depot fleet is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) under the electric mobility funding measure.

The new, fully electric battery ride-on lawnmower has already completed its first hours of operation. Wolfgang Schanz, Head of Betreibshof Grün of the town of Dorsten, and Mayor Tobias Stockhoff are both very satisfied with its performance.

The new ride-on lawnmower, bought by the town of Dorsten through sales and service partner Brinkert Kommunal from the neighbouring city of Bottrop, works free of exhaust fumes, emits few vibrations and makes a pleasant noise throughout the working day, 100% electrically. With just one battery charge, an operational time of up to nine hours is possible. According to manufacturer specifications, the charging time is twelve hours.

“The environmental benefits of the fully-electric ride-on lawnmower are huge. In addition, our colleagues, some of whom sit on the lawnmower for hours, are delighted about the other advantages like for example, the substantially reduced noise emissions”, says Wolfgang Schanz.

Mayor Tobias Stockhoff, who went straight for a test drive around the Betriebshof Grün premises on Hasselbecke, is equally impressed by the new addition to the city fleet. “Climate protection is a central component of all decisions and actions in our administration, including for the procurement of vehicles and work equipment”, he says.

The additional costs compared to a conventionally-operated vehicle (diesel/petrol) were 90% funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). With the Electric Mobility Funding guideline, coordinated by the NOW GmbH and implemented by Project Management Jülich (Projektträger Jülich – PtJ), the BMVI is supporting the procurement of electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure necessary for their operation with the aim of increasing vehicle numbers and the supply of charging infrastructure in line with the continued market ramp-up of electric mobility.

The ‘Mean Green’ ride-on lawnmower will spend the majority of its deployment time on the green areas of the Dorsten’s cemeteries. Because of the relevant authorization, it could even be deployed in public road areas. The machine would be transported to the various locations by trailer.


In the photo: Mayor Tobias Stockhoff (centre) immediately tested the new electric ride-on lawnmower. Thomas Schulte-Bockum (left) from sales and service partner Brinkert Kommunal, and Wolfang Schanz, Head of Betriebshof Grün in the town of Dorsten, were present. Source: Town of Dorsten.