The NIP does not only support national research and development projects. While a focus is placed on the national level, international projects also provide significant added value because all aspects of the hydrogen economy are already globalized. Components and systems, for example, are not only developed for the European region, but must also be successful in other markets and meet the RCS there. These challenges and opportunities are addressed by different projects, most of which are carried out within the virtual Sino-German Electro-Mobility Innovation and Support Center (SGEC).

Since 2018, under the umbrella of the virtual Sino-German Electro-Mobility Innovation and Support Center (SGEC), Chinese-German cooperation projects have been implemented in the four areas of battery electric mobility, hydrogen fuel cell electric mobility, safety (battery and hydrogen), and renewable energy integration.

The cooperation projects each involve one German and one Chinese R&D project. The R&D activities in China and Germany are funded by the respective ministries, BMDV and MoST. The aim of the projects is, on the one hand, that the cooperation partners of both countries benefit from an exchange of essential project results, data, and – last but not least – experience, and that synergy effects are realized. And on the other hand, that the projects contribute to the decarbonization of transport in both countries.

Cooperation with further international partners.