Development of a sensor array for pollutant gas adsorbing cathode air filter systems within the framework of German-Chinese cooperation

The protection of fuel cells against aging due to airborne contaminants requires the adsorption of harmful gases by cathode air filters matched to the application. Due to the locally highly variable pollutant gas concentrations, prediction of filter lifetime is difficult. The development of a breakthrough sensor array, which indicates the breakthrough of pollutant gases, is intended to enable predictive maintenance.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
MANN+HUMMEL GmbH01.03.2228.02.25141,949.00 €
Institut für Umwelt & Energie, Technik & Analytik e.V. (IUTA)01.03.2228.02.25357,941.00 €
Verein für das Forschungsinstitut für Edelmetalle und Metallchemie e.V. (FEM)01.03.2228.02.25340,522.00 €
840,412.00 €