The transformation of our current fossil- and nuclear-based energy systems towards renewable energy-based technologies includes complex grid (gas, heat, power) and system (stability, security, energy storage) challenges that require a variety of solutions suitable to adjust to the nature of intermittent power generation and energy demand.

In this context, one of the exciting solutions is the generation of hydrogen from electric power by means of water electrolysis and its utilization in fuel cells or further conversion with CO2 to liquid energy carriers, fuels, and chemicals, including amongst others, Methanol, Oxymethylene Ethers, Olefins and Hydrocarbons.

With this we would like to invite you to attend our two forthcoming international workshops on

„Durability and Degradation Issues in PEM Electrolysis Cells and its Components“
February 16th to 17th 2016


„Perspectives on Power-to-Liquids & Power-to-Chemicals“
February 17th to 18th 2016

We are happy to say that we could attract very sophisticated international experts from industry, academia and politics, who will present the latest concepts, technical advances and economic opportunities in the respective and increasingly important R&D fields.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you in person to Freiburg and the Fraunhofer ISE in February. All necessary information is available in the program on the respective website.

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