11.12.2019 – 12.12.2019

Crowne Plaza Tianjin Binhai, No. 55, Zhongxin Avenue, Dongli District, Tianjin China



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Hydrogen energy is a clean energy carrier of strategic significance, while fuel cell vehicle (FCV) is the important direction of new energy vehicle (NEV) development. Promotion and application of FCVs plays a significant role in hydrogen energy popularization. As the hydrogen energy technology keeps making progress in industrialization and FCVs demonstrative operation scale expands rapidly, the development of hydrogen energy industry gains attention of the national level. During the NPC & CPPCC this year, the Report on the Work of the Government for the first time proposed to “promote construction of facilities such as charging and hydrogen refueling stations”. In October 2019, the State Council organized a meeting of the National Energy Commission. The meeting emphasized to “explore commercial route for the advanced energy storage and hydrogen energy”.

Since this year, China has made great progress in development of automotive hydrogen industry. The hydrogen energy technology engineering and industrialization promotes steadily; the progress of independent automotive fuel cell technology speeds up; superior enterprises have preliminarily formed technology R&D system and product development system; the industrial organization mode innovation becomes more active, and industrial supporting system development is accelerating. In the meantime, the FCV demonstrative operation zone and scale is further expanded; hydrogen refueling technology level and service ability is further improved; the business mode of FCV operation and hydrogen refueling station construction has taken shape gradually. Facing the new development trend, Beijing CATARC Science& Technology Center Co., Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co., Ltd. organized a batch of experts, scholars from authoritative organizations, and well-known experts in the automotive hydrogen field to prepare and complete the Annual Report on the Development of Automotive Hydrogen Industry in China (2019) under the guidance of national authoritative departments and great support of pilot regions of automotive hydrogen development and enterprises in the industry.

At the invitation of Tianjin Municipal Government department, the press conference of Blue Book of Hydrogen Vehicle (2019) will be held on Dec. 11 through Dec. 12, 2019 in Crowne Plaza Tianjin Binhai. The 2019 China (Tianjin) Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Development Summit will be held simultaneously. By then, leaders of national authoritative departments and Tianjin Municipal Government, academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering and well-known experts in the industry, famous overseas hydrogen energy institutions and enterprise, mainstream domestic hydrogen energy and FCV enterprises will attend the forum to deeply discuss development trend of global automotive hydrogen industry, and jointly forecast prospect of automotive hydrogen industry development in China. Tianjin will release supporting policies and action plan for the hydrogen industry.

We sincerely invite you to Tianjin to gather and network in the annual grand meeting for hydrogen industry in accordance with the Blue Book of Hydrogen Vehicle (2019).


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