Completely emission-free 4-passenger aircraft with H2 FC propulsion system

Small aircraft powered by hydrogen and fuel cells offer a high potential for zero-emission flying, especially in small and regional transport. In the research project, a future-oriented, emission-free, modular drive train concept based on fuel cells for a passenger aircraft carrying 4 people is therefore to be researched and further developed with regard to efficiency, practicality and safety aspects. The planned integration of the fuel cell system into the existing HY4 flight platform should subsequently enable real flight tests.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Universität Ulm01.07.1731.12.191,884,970.87 €
Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co.KG01.08.1731.12.19341,342.73 €
Diehl Aerospace GmbH01.07.1731.12.19237,615.50 €
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.01.07.1731.12.192,002,071.00 €
H2FLY GmbH01.07.1731.12.19107,855.00 €
4,573,855.10 €