The search for geopolitically independent energy sources and efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and associated climate change are the driving forces of a comprehensive energy transition in Germany. The share of non-renewable energy sources is to be reduced to a minimum. But as renewable energy sources have characteristics making them slightly less flexible to use – including production being weather dependent or difficulties in terms of transport and storage – modifications are needed to make the industry sustainable.

As part of the HyStarter project, the four-gated city of Neubrandenburg and the district of the Mecklenburg Lakeland want to jointly determine how hydrogen technology can be profitably used in our region. Of particular interest here is what role hydrogen can play for climate protection, heat provision, power storage and above all mobility, and under which conditions the use of hydrogen is possible in our region overall.

To get to the heart of these and other questions, on Thursday more than 100 interested participants came together in the House of Culture and Education in Neubrandenburg. In addition to representatives from the district and the town, there were also guests from the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Energy Ministry, the Neubrandenburg Chamber of Industry and Trade, as well as representatives from the (energy) sector and other impacted sectors.

In his welcoming address, Mayor Silvio Witt emphasized the tremendous importance of the issue: “The latest developments and crises require us all – regardless whether in the political, commercial or societal spheres – to have a rapid rethink when it comes to energy. The HyStarter programme provides the right framework for finding answers to questions in dialogue with experts. Questions such as how future-proof and fit for daily use are fuels like hydrogen and how they can be applied in our region. In addition to greater independence from exporters of fossil fuels, we are also fulfilling our ecological responsibility to future generations.”


What is HyStarter?

As part of the HyStarter project, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport is supporting regions in Germany in developing a hydrogen concept and in establishing a local network of stakeholders. The goal of the HyStarter programme is to create regionally-integrated concepts for the adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

What is funded?

The HyStarter project NB/MSE is supported for the concept development phase by an expert team (NUTS ONE GmbH), both in terms of organization and specialist expertise, for twelve months. This phase evaluates or optimizes existing ideas with regard to their technical and economic feasibility as well as the resulting societal and ecological benefits. Funds are available in a possible follow-up financing arrangement through HYEXPERT or HYPERFORMER.

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Photo source: Nuts One GmbH