Wissing: “We are cutting CO2 emissions at German airports.”

Even on the ground, aircraft need power while they are being maintained, loaded and refuelled. The electricity needed for this often comes from auxiliary turbines in the aircraft or is generated from diesel at remote parking positions with power generators. With direct current, batteries or hydrogen, aircraft can be supplied with electricity more efficiently, emission-free and significantly quieter than before. This is where the BMDV’s new, technology-neutral funding comes into play.

Dr Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport: “We are striving to make Germany’s airports the cleanest in the world. We can only succeed in this if we remain open to technology and create incentives for investments in climate protection. With the new Ground Power Guideline, we are one of the first countries to support airports in achieving this transformation – away from fossil fuels and towards a climate-neutral power supply for aircraft on the ground. In doing so, we are cutting CO2 emissions at German airports and implementing yet another measure in our ambitious climate protection programme.”

In the first call for funding under the Ground Power Guideline (Bodenstrom-Richtlinie), investment grants are being awarded for the first time for the procurement of mobile and stationary, environmentally friendly ground power systems for aircraft as well as the charging and refuelling infrastructure required for operation.
Eligible to apply are natural and legal persons who will become the owners of the alternative systems to be funded in Germany. The funding rate is up to 70 percent. Applications can be submitted from 28 July to 31 August 2023. Only proposals that are started this year (date of award of contract in the procurement process) will be considered. Further calls are planned for the coming years.

The applications of the Ground Power Guideline are being processed and approved by the Federal Office for Administrative Services (BAV – Bundesanstalt für Verwaltungsdienstleistungen). NOW GmbH, as a scientific-technical service provider, supports the initiated performance reviews and accompanying evaluations with its technical expertise and also collects data on the context of the funding measure.

  • Further details on the first funding call including competition criteria (german only)
  • Information on how to submit an application, templates, other documents required for submitting an application and a checklist for submitting an application can be found on the website of the funding authority. (german only)
  • All applications must be completed via the easy-Online-Portal and then submitted via the BAV’s funding portal. (german only)

Email enquiries regarding the application can be sent to the following address of the funding authority:
Interested parties also have the opportunity to learn more about the new funding call in an online seminar (in German) organised by the BMDV, BAV and NOW on 27 July 2023. You can register for the online seminar here.

The contact point at NOW GmbH is the Climate-friendly Aviation Team: .