At its meeting on 16 April 2021, the National Hydrogen Council dealt with the topics of aviation and the heating market.

In the statement: “Hydrogen for aviation in Germany”, the independent expert panel outlines concepts for climate-neutral aviation. In addition to modified aircraft and drive concepts, sustainable energy carriers such as synthetic fuels or hydrogen, altered flight paths and transport mode shifts also play an important role. The vision for the future of aviation is the emission-free airplane (zero emission aircraft) – an airplane that emits no pollutants, regardless of whether in the air or in ground operation. The National Hydrogen Council therefore recommends the development of a long-term, politically-secured plan on the decarbonisation of aviation. This will evaluate the potential of hydrogen and other sustainable aviation fuels and at the same time take account of the complexity of aviation, its international interdependence, the economic implications as well as the enormously high safety requirements.

Another theme of the meeting was the required “Decarbonisation of the heating sector”. In order to make progress here, the National Hydrogen Council recommended the commissioning of a study. The objective is for the Council to be able to submit recommendations to the federal government in the spring of 2022 based on precise data and experience. It will illustrate options for a decarbonised heating market by 2050 in the form of a roadmap. The National Hydrogen Council calls on policymakers not to make any fundamental decisions either for or against a heating market with green gases or hydrogen before then.

The documents “Hydrogen for aviation in Germany” and “Decarbonisation of the heating sector” can be downloaded here: