The Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Andreas Scheuer, handed over 31 funding approval notifications on 29 June 2018, with a total funding volume of some 50 million euros for municipal electric mobility projects as part of the “Sofortprogramm Saubere Luft 2017-2020” immediate action programme for clean air.

This will enable a total of more than 420 cars, well over 100 buses, around 110 special and commercial vehicles as well as over 425 new charging points to be procured and established.

Scheuer: “The mobility of the future is a tremendous opportunity for our country. We are continuing to intensively promote climate-friendly mobility. Cleaner air in our cities and more mobility are not mutually exclusive. Our funding approvals will bring 650 new electric vehicles onto the roads, and 425 additional charging points will also be established. The demand for our support programme is so immense that we are launching our next funding call today.”

With immediate effect and as part of the fourth funding call for “electric mobility”, the expansion of municipal vehicle fleets is being supported, e.g. for waste disposal collection trucks or vehicles for local public transport, including electric buses. The procurement of electric vehicles in the taxi industry and car-sharing companies is also being supported. In addition to municipalities, commercial enterprises, e.g. delivery services, tradespersons, social health and care services are also eligible to apply – provided the municipality confirms that the planned project is part of a municipal electric mobility concept.

At the same time, support is now also being extended towards the development of municipal electric mobility concepts. This applies to those municipalities that do not receive Master Plan funding as part of the “Sofortprogramms Saubere Luft 2017-2020” immediate action program for clean air.

More information on the current funding: