The Starterset Elektromobilität (electric mobility starter set) is now offering an interactive catalogue of measures to support municipalities in the targeted establishment and development of electric mobility.

In four areas (intermodality, motorised transport, public transport and bicycle transport) the tool indicates potential objectives with associated sub-goals and measures. Municipalities can select the elements appropriate for them and save them in a clearly structured ‘wish list’.

In the “motorised transport” field, users find goals like “comprehensive and controlled charging infrastructure development”, “incorporation of electric mobility into urban planning”, or “electrification of car fleets”, for example. Sub-goals are assigned to the goal of developing the charging infrastructure, which are oriented towards public, semi-public and private charging infrastructure. Appropriate suggestions for action are then made, such as street light recharging and how locations can be determined.

In this way the catalogue of measures helps municipalities in the systematic development of electric mobility, in which individual steps are always assigned to practical objectives from transport development plans and climate protection sub-concepts. The measures will be supplemented by “good practice” examples from municipalities that already have gathered the relevant experiences.

The basis for the catalogue of measures is the NOW GmbH publication: “Funding electric mobility by anchoring it in municipal mobility strategies”.

Catalogue of measures: