With the two publications “Programme Overview 2022” (“Programmüberblick 2022”) and “Research and Development: Brief Profiles of the Funding Projects” (“Forschung und Entwicklung: Kurzprofile der Förderprojekte”), NOW GmbH provides a transparent overview of the activities of the National Innovation Programme Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology.

Since its establishment in 2006, the National Innovation Programme Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP) has been pursuing the competitive establishment of hydrogen and fuel cell technology in the transport sector. Funding is provided for projects in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technology, especially in road, rail, water and air transport as well as for special applications. Numerous projects in the Research & Development and Market Activation funding guidelines have been launched and have made a significant contribution to progress in these areas. In the years 2017 to 2021 alone, the total volume of approved projects was approximately €1.27 billion, of which €696 million was in funding.

With the “Programme Overview 2022”, the NIP now provides a transparent basis of information on the entire programme, the priority areas and funding measures, as well as a comprehensive presentation of content, progress and costs. In this way, a so-called results atlas of the NIP’s funding activities has been created, which is a detailed and quick source of information for the professional public, potential cooperation partners, politicians and the general public.

Separate overview for funded projects in research and development

An important pillar of the NIP is the promotion of research, development and innovation. With its own publication, NOW GmbH publishes a detailed overview of this funding priority, thus providing a quick and transparent source of information on existing projects. The overview is addressed not only to the specialist public but also to the interested general public who would like to learn about the current status of research and development in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

Both brochures will be updated annually and are available as of now.

NIP programme overview (PDF)

NIP R&D funding projects (PDF)