The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) has launched a new funding round of the ‘Environmental Technologies Export Initiative’ (Exportinitiative Umwelttechnologien – EXI). Project outlines may now be submitted. NOW GmbH is the contact for the green hydrogen and fuel cell technologies area.

The funding programme supports German GreenTech companies in preparing for the international market. Project ideas in the following areas will be funded:

  • Water and wastewater management,
  • Recycling, waste and raw materials management, resource efficiency,
  • Environmental management and sustainable consumption,
  • Environmentally-friendly mobility solutions,
  • Sustainable urban and regional development,
  • Green hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as well as
  • Innovative cross-cutting technologies.

In particular, German commercial companies – explicitly small and medium-sized companies, clubs and associations as well as universities and non-university research institutions can apply for funding with their GreenTech project idea.

The green hydrogen and fuel cell technologies area, which includes stationary solutions for off-grid and decentralized power supply, in particular in developing and emerging countries, will be monitored by NOW GmbH as a programme management association. For information on funding or the content of project ideas, our colleagues are available as contacts. Further information as well as contact details can be found here.

Project outlines may be submitted until 20 May 2022. Any deadlines mentioned elsewhere (e.g. on documents linked to this site, on sites of third parties), pertain to earlier funding calls and are obsolete. Funding content and conditions can be found in the funding guidelines.

The EXI projects are intended break new ground on the path to using smarter GreenTech components and innovative solutions in the ‘Made in Germany’ environmental technologies sector. The transfer of German know-how, products and services in the GreenTech area can contribute to higher environmental standards and legal requirements.


On the ‘Environmental technologies export initiative’ of the BMUV

Since 2016, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) has supported German GreenTech SMEs to spread innovative ‘Made in Germany’ environmental technologies via its funding programme. Optimised environmental conditions should be created for sustainable development, better environmental conditions and a better quality of life (SDG implementation).

Through the support of suitable infrastructure, the projects of the BMUV’s environmental technologies export initiative contribute to implementing green public services and environmentally-responsible services worldwide.

Further information

Environmental technologies export initiative funding guideline

Information for applicants