The German fuel cell industry’s association for secure electricity and emergency power supply, Clean Power Net, is publishing a new digital information and best practice service on its redesigned website.

Under the ‘Use cases’ section on, those interested from the industrial, research and political sectors can learn about the numerous B2B systems that have been implemented which work reliably with fuel cell technologies. With this online service, the innovation cluster wants to demonstrate how far fuel cell technology has come in Germany and in the past eleven years since the network’s establishment. In addition, the various application opportunities provided by fuel cell and hydrogen technologies are to be made visible.

Since it was founded in 2010, CPN has made it its mission to establish long-term strategies for sustainable energy provision across a wide range of industries. This cooperation to launch reliable and versatile fuel cell systems to market is reaping comprehensive results. National and international users are employing the technology in various segments, like for example, transport safety, telecommunications, rail infrastructure or measurement technology.

“We are very proud to be able to present more than a decade of successful networking activities to the public with this milestone”, says Andreas Saft, DB Gruppe and spokesperson for Clean Power Net. “Fuel cells and hydrogen technologies are elementary building blocks of the global renewal and diversification of energy provision. More and more fuel cell systems are being installed in B2B applications, both stationary and portable. We are displaying many of these examples on our redesigned website.”

At, potential customers as well as interested parties from industry, politics and research can learn about application-specific systems for fuel cell-based energy supply that protects the environment and is efficient. Planners will also find helpful tools for systems design as well as funding information and contact opportunities.

“For us, the main focus is on sharing knowledge and cooperation”, underlines Saft. “On the path to a sustainable future, using many different kinds of technologies is a prerequisite in a diversified market. With our networking activities, we want to make a contribution to the common goal of climate protection.”


About Clean Power Net
Clean Power Net (CPN) was founded in 2010 by 12 business leaders to concertedly and sustainably promote the use of fuel cell technology. The network was initiated by NOW GmbH National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology. Today, the CPN has 19 partners and is supported as an innovation cluster by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure with NIP II funds.