Graphite, cobalt, lithium and nickel: NOW explains raw material resources and requirements in new factsheet.

By 2030, the global electric vehicle fleet is expected to number around 230 million vehicles – and this will be accompanied by increasing demand for drive batteries and certain raw materials. Graphite, cobalt, lithium and nickel in particular, required for the production of lithium-ion batteries, are regarded as critical for security of supply.

The NOW factsheet, ‘Electric mobility and raw materials’, includes information about the global demand for battery capacity up to 2030 and compares production volumes and global resources of the raw materials required for this.

The main findings: Raw material resources are generally sufficient for the global ramp-up of electric mobility. However, investment in new mining capacities, efficiency-enhancing and environmentally sustainable production processes, fostering new technologies to reduce scarce and problematic raw materials and the developing of a recycling infrastructure are all essential.

Download “Factsheet Elektromobilität und Rohstoffe” (PDF)