Entitled ‘Explain. Participate. Enable. A dialogue towards a new mobility culture’, today the fourth annual conference of the National Competency Network for Sustainable Mobility (NaKoMo – Nationales Kompetenznetzwerk für nachhaltige Mobilität) began.

Berlin, 8.11.2022 – Beginning today over a two-day period, 900 people, around 240 of whom are located in Berlin, are discussing the importance of communication and participation for the acceptance of new forms of mobility. The conference is being opened by Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport. Klara Geywitz, Federal Minister for Housing, Urban Development and Building, will speak on the second day.

Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport: “The National Competency Network for Sustainable Mobility brings the federal government, state government and municipalities together to discuss important future issues. It addresses how we can shape our mobility to be sustainable, efficient, practical and affordable – both in the city and well as in rural areas. Politicians and administrations must explain objectives, solution pathways and potential alternatives in a clear and transparent way. We want people to get involved, participate and contribute to decision-making. For this we need an open, honest dialogue which leads to joint solutions for a new mobility culture. The future of mobility is multimodal: a definite range of solutions, rather than an either/or scenario. We don’t want to play the various transport companies against each other, but link them together intelligently, so we can develop innovative and demand-driven mobility solutions more simply, more digitally and in a more climate-friendly way than ever before.”

At the 4th annual NaKoMo conference, 32 experts from the federal and state governments and municipalities, from both scientific and practical fields, will talk about ways and formats to advance sustainable mobility that is fit for the future in both cities and rural areas. Prof. Dr. Meike Jipp, Head of the Institute of Transport Research at the German Aerospace Centre, will deliver a keynote speech on the topic: “A dialogue towards a new mobility culture: How we can achieve more acceptance for sustainable mobility locally through communication and participation”.

The focus of the event comprises of six sessions in which 24 specialist topics will be discussed in smaller rounds and experiences shared – such as how innovative mobility products will be introduced and communicated or how citizens can get involved. In addition, the ‘People@NaKoMo’ series will continue: selected network members will be portrayed in a video

On site you can find the information stands of NaKoMo, represented at the conference together with its two project partners, Mobilikon and the team behind the funding guideline for the digitalization of municipal transport systems. The National Centre for Charging Infrastructure will also attend, providing a first look at the new LadeLernTOOL. This disseminates knowledge and skills to municipal employees to facilitate the expansion of charging infrastructure.


About NaKoMo
NaKoMo stands for the exchange of ideas and networking. The aim of the network is to connect municipalities, the federal and state governments both with each other and with other relevant experts and stakeholders. In this way, the municipalities continue to be supported in implementing the transition towards sustainable mobility. NaKoMo was founded in April 2019 by the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Saarland, representing the federal states, and the German Association of Cities (Deutscher Städtetag). The NaKoMo office is located at NOW GmbH. More information can be found at www.nakomo.de.


Image: NaKoMo holds its 4th annual conference – after two years the network meets again in person in Berlin in 2022. The opening address is made by Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport. Image source: Franz Josef