Implementation of a hydrogen EMU with subsequent passenger use and the necessary hydrogen infrastructure as a complete H2 rail system capable of rapid refuelling

H2GoesRail aims to develop a fully integrated H2 rail system consisting of a hydrogen EMU and hydrogen infrastructure with fast refuelling capabilities, and to integrate this system in regular operation. Special attention will be paid to the future migration of today’s diesel fleets and the corresponding infrastructure, mainly operated on secondary lines.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Siemens Mobility GmbH01.11.2031.03.259,492,878.00 €
Deutsche Bahn AG01.11.2031.03.251,125,425.00 €
DB Energie GmbH01.11.2031.03.251,565,736.00 €
DB Regio AG01.11.2031.03.251,557,275.00 €
13,741,314.00 €