H2 industrial truck fleet for the in-house transport needs at Mercedes-Benz in Düsseldorf - Phase 2

With the help of a diversified fleet consisting of vehicles of different sizes and performance classes (2t –5t/ 24–80V) as well as the corresponding refuelling infrastructure, the project will investigate how the technological innovation can be integrated into operational processes. For the first time, FC industrial trucks of the 5t class will be used and tested in the demanding three-shift intralogistics operations. The technical suitability is to be demonstrated and evaluated in a direct comparison with a diesel and battery-electric powered 5t truck.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Mercedes-Benz AG01.06.1831.08.221,266,210.05 €
1,266,210.05 €

Classification in Research and Development