H2 integration in electric drive systems

The further development of non-fossil drive systems, especially fuel cell technology, represents an essential cornerstone on the path to climate-neutral individual transport. In the H2EASY research project, various components of the fuel cell drive system are being further developed in order to increase its competitiveness and commercial appeal. In this way, its use in motor vehicles is to be stepped up and the increased use of renewable energy sources in the mobility sector is to be made possible.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
SUMIDA Components & Modules GmbH01.11.2131.10.24466,263.00 €
Bayerische Motoren Werke AG01.11.2131.10.2453,868.00 €
Universität Kassel01.11.2131.10.24740,095.00 €
HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA01.11.2131.10.2474,992.00 €
E-Stream Energy GmbH & Co. KG01.11.2131.10.24411,408.00 €
1,746,626.00 €

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