Innovative trams with fuel cell drives

The H2-Tram project involves the design and configuration of fuel cell-relevant and functionally necessary vehicle subsystems and their combination into a highly efficient fuel cell tramway concept. The project results provide the basis for the development of trams with H2 drive systems for the sustainable, emission-free and cost-reduced transport development of urban and suburban areas without the need for costly and complex overhead line infrastructure.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Hörmann Vehicle Engineering GmbH01.12.2028.02.231,342,130.77 €
HeiterBlick GmbH01.12.2031.03.23452,244.55 €
FLEXIVA automation & Robotik GmbH01.12.2030.11.22310,020.08 €
2,104,395.40 €