As partner of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP), Toyota is convinced that there is currently not one single solution when developing sustainable drive technologies of the future. Toyota has taken on a broad developmental course in which fuel cell hybrid vehicles play a key role — especially for long ranges.

Since 1992, Toyota has been working on fuel cell vehicles. In 2002, it launched its first such production vehicles, based on an SUV. The second generation of this vehicle, the FCHV-adv, hit the road in Japan in 2008. The FCHV-adv possesses pressure tanks that are rated to 700 bar.

By implementing this tank technology, the vehicle range possible from a single tank has been increased to around 700 km.

Five FCHV-adv fuel cell vehicles were deployed to test the everyday use of this technology in the hands of users in field trials by Toyota, within the framework of this project. At the core is the optimisation of the interface between vehicle and filling station, which is a prerequisite for high customer acceptance and in turn successful market introduction.

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