The project is part of the Special Market programme area of the National Innovation Programme Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology. Its aim is to develop a fuel cell drive for boats and light vehicles in order to enhance the image and promote acceptance of hydrogen and fuel cell technology. This demonstration project was conducted in a well-visited tourism region in Germany (Müritz) and could make a positive contribution in this regard.

Goal of the project comprised the complete electrification of three “Voyager for 2” houseboat models from Woterfitz Wasserfreizeit Holtkamp + Partner OHG, based in Rechlin an der Müritz. Three different constellations of PV module, fuel cell, lithium-ion battery and electric drive were developed and integrated in the houseboats. In contrast, the pressurised hydrogen cylinders to be deployed along with all associated valves and pipelines retained the same dimensions and characteristics in all three houseboats. The set up of each of the three houseboats was as follows:

  • Voyager for 2 (1): 2 kW electric drive, 0.5 kW fuel cell, 600 Ah Lithium-Ion battery
  • Voyager for 2 (2): 2 x 2 kW electric drive, 1 kW fuel cell, 500 Ah Lithium-Ion battery
  • Voyager for 2 (3): 2 x 1 kW electric drive, 2 kW fuel cell, 500 Ah Lithium-Ion battery

The scientific/technical aims of the project could be fully accomplished. Valuable technical information on the developed houseboat types and the components used could be gained. The constructive collaboration and integration of various developmental partners and organisations could be intensified. Moreover, some of the data on the use of fully-electric houseboats that could be gathered was not available in such a format previously. A transfer of the experiences made to other areas of hydrogen and fuel cell technology as well as electromobility is possible, in a general sense. The demonstration project assisted the project leaders and staff involved to gain considerable fundamental knowhow in terms of the integration or substitution of alternative green energy producers and consumers within a conventional area of application. In particular, experience in regard to the use of pressurised hydrogen and safety could be gained. All results could be achieved in line with the agreed budget. Nevertheless, the project needed to be extended by half a year due to delayed deliveries of components. The difficulties experienced in the project were attributable to the lack of a suitable hydrogen infrastructure in the Müritz region.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Woterfitz Wasserfreizeit Holtkamp + Partner OHG01.08.1130.09.14257,709.65 €
Norgren GmbH01.08.1130.09.14104,516.89 €
Heliocentris Fuel Cell Solutions GmbH01.08.1130.09.14253,893.00 €
616,119.54 €