The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) is launching a new 60 million euro funding call for the programme entitled: ‘Digitalisation of municipal transport systems’ (DkV). Funding is available for the collection and processing of mobility data, better traffic management, digital routing and ticketing as well as real-time passenger information, mobility platforms, on-demand and sharing services as well as city logistics.

Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport: “Digital passenger information in real time, ability to book end-to-end intermodal travel chains by smartphone from door to door, avoiding congestion thanks to efficient and environmentally sensitive traffic management – through these and other measures, we are supporting the municipalities and municipal companies in developing more intelligent mobility solutions and continuing to advance the digital transformation. With the aid of digital applications, transport will become more efficient and public transport more attractive. “

All German towns and municipalities and their associated municipal companies are eligible to apply. The funding quota is 65 per cent, and 80 per cent for financially challenged municipalities.

It’s simply to start: project concepts can be submitted until 02/07/2023. Further information can be found here:

NOW GmbH supports the BMDV in assessment

NOW GmbH has been supporting the BMDV since 2021 in assessing the funding guideline: Digitalisation of municipal transport systems (DkV). The guideline targets reducing emissions of air pollutants and a drastic reduction of nitrogen oxides for as many citizens as possible. On behalf of the BMDV, NOW GmbH reviews the success of the funding guideline by monitoring meeting of targets, impact and efficiency. It is examined to what extent air quality in inner cities has increased and to what extent the funding measures have played a role. Finally, the economic efficiency of the measures regarding improving air quality is considered. NOW GmbH regards the funding guideline for each call separately and can make recommendations for target setting, measurements and other funding based on the experience gained.


Source: BMDV/NOW GmbH