NOW GmbH, together with the European Commission and the Australian Government, invited delegates to Mission Innovation’s international workshop on “Clean Hydrogen” held in Berlin on 17 and 18 October 2018.

Prior to the workshop, the participating countries were surveyed about the central challenges and the key adjusting parameters of clean hydrogen. Based on the results, representatives from 14 different nations discussed the areas of production, logistics and large-scale consumption of clean hydrogen at the workshop.

The discussion revealed that there are sufficient demonstration projects of hydrogen applications. Now, the projects should be scaled up and the corresponding barriers addressed. Another important aspect is to create acceptance for new technologies.

Mission Innovation is an association comprising 23 member states and the EU dealing with clean energy at different levels and in different sectors. Its work is divided into eight so-called “Innovation Challenges”. NOW GmbH provided support for the eighth Innovation Challenge on “Renewable and Clean Hydrogen Innovation Challenge”, which was held in Berlin.

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