As part of a public information event, the interim results of the “Hydrogen in the Western Palatinate Region” HyStarter project were presented on 8 February 2023 at the SWK Haus des Wassers in Kaiserslautern. The aim of the 5 strategy dialogues and workshops that have taken place so far was to create a viable production and utilisation concept for the Western Palatinate region, which can also be used and further developed in the future for the funding phases in the HyLand programme.

The information event aimed to show the public the possibilities in the field of hydrogen applications (production, transport and use) in the region. In times of climate change, innovative alternatives to current energy sources must be found, and this is what Western Palatinate is committed to. The HyStarter project enjoys steadily growing interest, which can be seen, among other things, in the large number of participants at the information event and the increasing number of different stakeholders in the project.

After a brief welcome by ZRW Managing Director Dr. Hans-Günther Clev, four presentations followed on the topic of hydrogen and its future use in the region. Dr. Michael Walk from WVE GmbH Kaiserslautern, who has been supporting the ZRW in the field of hydrogen since the beginning of the HyStarter project, gave a thoroughly positive outlook for the Western Palatinate region and the field of hydrogen. On the one hand, this was due to the large number of interested parties regarding hydrogen technologies and the associated implementation potential of various hydrogen projects in the region, and on the other hand, the proximity to surrounding hydrogen regions.

Michael Graß representing NOW GmbH, which is responsible for the coordination of the HyStarter project, went into more detail about the HyLand competition and the different stages of the project (HyStarter, HyExpert, HyPerformer). The importance of the competition for the region was again emphasised, as well as the HyLand network that has emerged from it. Communication and exchange among the various actors are essential here.

Energy Engineers, represented by Frederik Budschun and Justus Beste, provided an insight into the topic of hydrogen in general as well as the subject of hydrogen in the Western Palatinate. In particular, Mr. Budschun went into the concepts of three projects that are ready for implementation. The ZAK, the PFI and the Pfalzwerke intend to produce hydrogen by electrolysis with renewable energies and to make use of it themselves or to offer it to third parties for use.

Finally, Mr Beste provided a review and outlook of the past strategy dialogues and the upcoming 6th dialogue, in which the concepts already developed are to be finally optimised and adapted. In addition, it is necessary to clarify whether an application to become a HyExpert after the end of the HyStarter project will be pursued, which the experts encouraged the participants in the HyStarter region of Western Palatinate to strive for.


Source: Zukunftsregion Westpfalz e.V.
Image source: Zukunftsregion Westpfalz e.V.