The district of Wunsiedel in the mountainous Fichtelgebirge region counts among the HyExperts from the first round of the “HyLand – Hydrogen Regions in Germany” competition. Now, the next step is being planned and preparations are being made to apply as a HyPerformer.

A prerequisite for inclusion in this category is a convincing concept that proves that the Fichtelgebirge will place even greater emphasis on the topic in the future. For this reason, the “H2.Fichtelgebirge Interest Group” (“Interessengemeinschaft H2.Fichtelgebirge”) was founded last week. It brings together almost 30 stakeholders from politics, business and science, who expressed their concrete interest in the implementation of hydrogen projects at a hybrid founding event.

The signatories include numerous companies as well as the University of Bayreuth, which intends to make the knowledge gained in the Fichtelgebirge region transferable to other regions nationally and internationally.

More information (in German) on the interest group can be found at: