NOW GmbH is partner of the trade fair

Berlin, Stuttgart, 10 September 2019 – What might the future of hydrogen and fuel cell technology look like? This is the topic of discussion for national and international guests from industry, politics and research at the f-cell in Stuttgart on 10 and 11 September 2019. Attendees include the Minister of Environment for the state of Baden-Württemberg Franz Untersteller, who is presenting the f-cell award for outstanding research projects and market-ready products. His counterpart from West Australia, Bill Johnston, is speaking on his regional government’s hydrogen strategy. The first German 24-hour hydrogen rally will also take place, starting in Stuttgart. As in previous years, NOW GmbH is a partner of the f-cell event.

Hydrogen as a storage solution for excess electricity from renewable energies and as a transport fuel is no longer simply a future prospect. From China to Japan to Australia, countries are increasingly investing in hydrogen as a cornerstone of a clean energy future. The province of Western Australia has just recently presented its strategy for renewable hydrogen. In Stuttgart Minister Bill Johnston is looking for partners from the worlds of research and industry to implement concrete projects. “Hydrogen in Australia” is one of about 50 talks at the two-day f-cell event. NOW GmbH is also offering its hydrogen expertise. Thorsten Herbert, Divisional Head, Transport and Infrastructure, NOW GmbH, is giving an overview of the technological developments as well as the funding opportunities. Philipp Braunsdorf, Programme Manager, Hydrogen Infrastructure, NOW GmbH, is moderating a session on different application examples in the transport area.

Other presentations examine the topics of commercial vehicles, aviation and hydrogen solutions for public roads and rail transport. Hydrogen bus fleets are gaining ground in European and Asian cities and rail operators are progressively examining possibilities for reducing the emissions of their non-electrified lines. In three presentations, technologies, business cases and strategies for mass application are under discussion.

The first 24-hour hydrogen rally in Germany

A first in Germany is taking place in the run-up to this year’s f-cell: In the afternoon of 9 September at 5pm, Germany’s first 24-hour hydrogen challenge began. The teams compete in a rally in their hydrogen cars. The starting signal was at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart. From there, the route will cross Germany for 24 hours. The finish line of the first rally on German soil is the Wagenhallen in Stuttgart, where the f-cell award will be presented on the evening of 10 September by the Minister of Environment for the state of Baden-Württemberg, Franz Untersteller.

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