NOW GmbH and GIZ sign a cooperation agreement in the framework of the BMU export initiative The cooperation will advance the climate-friendly use of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in emerging economies Knowledge and technology transfer will generate demand for German environmental technology

Berlin/Bonn, 19.03.2018 – In the framework of an export initiative from the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), NOW GmbH National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology and the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) will together build up a network in developing and emerging countries in order to advance projects on the climate-friendly use of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. To this effect Dr. Hanno Butsch, NOW GmbH, Head of Division, International Cooperation, and Bernhard Zymla, GIZ, Head of Competence Centre, Energy and Transport signed a cooperation agreement on Friday in Bonn.

System integration and electricity storage are the greatest challenges to a comprehensive energy and transport transition in developing and emerging economies. Along with battery storage, innovative and intelligent system solutions for energy storage and energy conversion will therefore be required. Commissioned by the BMU, Now GmbH is broadening its existing international activities in the area of climate-friendly hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in emerging and developing economies.

Dr. Klaus Bonhoff, Managing Director (Chair) of NOW GmbH: “The cooperation between NOW GmbH and GIZ means that going forward, two actors are going to work together who on the one hand, command a high degree of expertise on battery, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as well as alternative fuels and on the other, have an extensive network and country-specific knowledge at their disposal.” Knowledge and technology transfer is at the heart of the cooperation. The potential of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies is to be introduced to the discussion on developing a sustainable and climate-friendly energy system also for developing and emerging economies. Furthermore demand for German products will be generated from the field of environmental technologies.

Over the course of the BMU assignment, NOW GmbH will also develop its partnerships with Japan in the area of power-to-gas technologies.

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