The project »Hamburg – Economy on the current« focuse on the testing of up to 740 vehicles in companies and municipalities and builds on the experiences of the first model region phase.

Aside from location-specific sectors such as the port industry, logistics or air travel, the emphasis is on the participation of small and medium-sized businesses like the car fleets of Hamburg’s administration. The goal is to identify operational options for using electric vehicles and to demonstrate their everyday suitability in the commercial area.

To identify the potential vehicle demand in the commercial sector, questionnaires have been sent to all Hamburg companies in the companies’ register. The scientific accompanying research on the factors for success and constraints of using electric vehicles in companies and the establishment of a database for those interested in actual vehicle use constitutes a fundamental element of the project. Alongside this the development as well as the implementation of innovative charging technology and storage options is being advanced. By the end of the project the practicality and economic concepts for the use of electric vehicles in company fleets will be developed.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
hySOLUTIONS GmbH01.09.1230.06.17155,109.00 €
Technische Universität Hamburg01.09.1230.11.171,616,394.00 €
Vattenfall Solar GmbH01.09.1230.06.17953,997.66 €
RCI Banque S.A. Niederlassung Deutschland01.01.1330.06.171,668,061.00 €
Mercedes-Benz Leasing GmbH01.09.1230.09.16721,029.18 €
Daimler AG01.09.1231.08.1471,411.37 €
Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH01.10.1231.12.15153,325.98 €
Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg01.09.1230.06.171,565,325.00 €
HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration gGmbH01.09.1230.06.17137,656.00 €
HKS Handelskammer Hamburg Service GmbH01.09.1230.06.17114,443.32 €
Volkswagen Leasing GmbH01.09.1430.06.17756,561.08 €
7,913,313.59 €