The aim of the procect based on “Innovative 700 bar refuelling technology for public series refuelling compliant with OEM standard release A — Fuelling Specification”, was system optimisation. The underlying cryogenic pumps technology was especially developed for refuelling stations which are supplied with liquid hydrogen in order to exploit the advantages at the refuelling station, such as the higher storage density and high reachable throughputs.

The central aspects of the further development are reduced land usage and less electrical output without having to make compromises either in terms of cost or power. Furthermore, from a thermodynamic point of view, an optimised temperature management system was developed to be integrated in future systems. The most important performance data of the advanced refuelling stations are: mass flow 100 kg/h, maximum refuelling pressure 875 bar, six fuel cell vehicles per hour, compliant with SAE J 2601.

All technical adjustments facilitate the integration of the refuelling station components in existing refuelling stations and thus address experiences from earlier phases of development and demonstration. The innovation cycle could thus be successfully continued.

With development completed, a system with very high hydrogen throughputs has been created which can be easily integrated for the refuelling station operator. Aside from the hydrogen vehicle market, this can also be very well employed in the area of bus or fork lift fleet refuelling.

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