With the first fuel cell vehicles going on sale soon, a decisive step towards the hydrogen economy is being made. Pilot projects are now connecting renewable energies more intensively with the hydrogen economy, such as in the area of hydrogen storage. Nevertheless, current infrastructure along with large parts of the general public and relevant stakeholders are still not adequately prepared for this step.

The HyTrustPlus research project will therefore actively include the ideas, expectations and creative potentials of social players in the development of the hydrogen economy. In this way, the systemic technology change to hydrogen and fuel cell technology can be conceptually prepared and actively shaped.

To realise the intended broad participation of the social players, the project has set out two goals:

  • Development of business and participation models for relevant stakeholders from industry, politics and associations as well as from civic society
  • Raising of social awareness towards hydrogen mobility and the hydrogen economy as well as undertaking the associated educational measures necessary for this to occur

Overall, the project is to result in an increase of public awareness and knowledge. Furthermore, specific target groups are to be actively involved in the developments.
Following the preliminary conceptual work, efforts have now already commenced on the identification of a pilot region. In addition, as part of the initial interviews with experts, experiences from hydrogen economy pilot projects were collated in order to identify drivers and obstacles for further cross-industry collaborations. The first interim results are scheduled to be available from March 2015.

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