REHAU is specialist in the processing of plastics with innovative solutions for the construction, furniture and automobile industries. A long-term company goal is the development of a fibre-reinforced compressed hydrogen reservoir for storage at 700 bar.

Until now, such reservoirs are manufactured using a wet-winding process. REHAU is taking an innovative approach in which the reinforcement is manufactured using an alternative procedure. Above all, this provides benefits in the shape of enhancing fibre efficiency and a shorter cycle period. In addition, the process ensures that the components all boast a constant high level of quality and can be manufactured in large quantities. Moreover, the current very high manufacturing costs for fibre-reinforced pressure tanks are to be significantly reduced in the future.

The proposed procedure will be closely examined in terms of its suitability for manufacturing high-pressure reservoirs within the scope of this project. This will entail the experimental assessment of the processrelated parameters by means of corresponding testing facilities. To ensure a greater overall understanding, numerical simulations will be conducted for component design and the manufacturing processes will also be modelled. In order to generate input variables for the simulation of these complex components, the fibrereinforced composites resulting in this procedure will be characterised in advance through comprehensive examinations. Finally, the demonstration components that can be manufactured by this new procedure will then be tested in compliance with the applicable EC directives.

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REHAU Automotive SE & Co. KG01.10.1430.11.16874,476.96 €
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