The deployment of electromobility was up to now scientifically supported in individual fleet trials. A crosscompany test for everyday operation by companies of different sectors and sizes has on the other hand, not been yet carried out. For the first time therefore, at least 90 electric vehicles from the members of »UI EIMo« are being procured for business use and/or as company vehicles for private use in business practice in order to test their suitability for normal everyday operation.

A special feature of the scheme is the crosscompany approach, in which participants commit themselves to opening their charging infrastructure to all member companies of the initiative in order to provide a comprehensive infrastructure.

Furthermore the companies declare themselves ready to make their respective company-owned electro-vehicle fleet also available to those within »UI EIMo« as needed and to build a common fleet management for this purpose. To this end there will also be a common registration of all vehicles in a databank for management of the fleet.

Included in the »UI EIMO« proposal is that at least three companies which together have over 40 locations within the Bremen/Oldenburg Model Region offer service and maintenance facilities for the electric vehicles. In addition comprehensive training and driving safety programmes are to be developed.

The company initiative is scientifically supported by the DFKI. The DFKI is evaluating the vehicle use and assessing the cross-company use of electric vehicles in business operation. In this process the service life of the vehicles as well as their operational safety and actual availability are being highlighted. At the same time the interface to Personal Mobility Center as coordinating body for electromobility in the Bremen/Oldenburg Model Region is being covered through the DFKI.

Only vehicles are deployed which meet the latest standard of technical development. Commercially available (series) vehicles are being procured. The charging infrastructure equally reflects the newest technical status. Only high-value equipment is used which also measures up to the demanding fire protection requirements of the participating firms. Moreover uniform standards will be implemented at the charging stations, which can individually identify the vehicle being charged and thereby facilitate cost allocation.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Nehlsen AG01.10.1230.06.162,106,430.50 €
HWT Hansen Wärme- und Tanktechnik GmbH & Co. KG01.10.1231.12.1329,412.42 €
Emigholz GmbH01.10.1231.07.1686,124.04 €
Move About GmbH01.10.1231.07.16480,053.68 €
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH01.10.1230.09.16624,574.80 €
3,326,595.44 €