The focus of electromobility projects so far in the model region programmes was heavily on the technical application and everyday suitability of charging infrastructure and vehicles.

From the results obtained it is now worth analysing and developing the electromobility system in its entirety. This can only happen through an integrated examination of all participating sectors from vehicle, energy and transport to users.

This approach is the foundation for the »eMERGE« project. In the framework of a fleet trial with electric vehicles, 175 smart electric drives are on the road in the Rhine/Ruhr and Berlin model regions. Apart from private customers, company fleet vehicles are also being used, so that knowledge can be gained about both user groups.

The goal is to investigate the technical aspects of electric cars as well as intelligent charging systems to improve grid capacity. In addition different price systems are used with a view to customer acceptance, which allow conclusions to be drawn about user behaviour. Taking into account environmental aspects, new business models will then be developed from these findings for the optimisation of electromobility.

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