Realisation and testing of a hybrid push boat powered by fuel cells and batteries

The ELEKTRA research project is focusing on the feasibility of alternative low-emission energy supply systems on inland waterway vessels and their cost-effective use. For the first time, a fully electric and hybrid propulsion concept consisting of fuel cells and batteries is being implemented on an inland waterway vessel and the dynamic interaction of the energy sources is being researched and optimised on the push boat with a view to maximising its range.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Technische Universität Berlin01.04.1730.09.19800,062.56 €
BEHALA - Berliner Hafen- und Lagerhausgesellschaft mbH01.04.1730.09.19136,645.00 €
SER Schiffselektronik Rostock GmbH01.04.1730.09.19115,534.79 €
HGK Dry Shipping GmbH01.04.1730.09.19121,106.53 €
1,173,348.88 €

Classification in Research and Development