The aim of the R&D project is to develop engineering prototypes of an electric turbo charger which are suitable for passenger cars. They should be adapted to guarantee reliable function in fuel cell prototype vehicles and fuel cell testing facilities under real operating conditions.

These engineering prototypes are to be made available for testing to automotive manufacturers and universities. The results of the research and development will be compiled in six main work packages, forming the technological foundation for the engineering prototype of an electric turbo charger (ETC). On this basis, a functional and costoriented model (engineering prototype) will be built according to an automotiveoriented concept.

By means of comprehensive testing, the robustness of the engineering prototype and of the overall concept selected for implementation in vehicle prototypes will be demonstrated.

The development of the ETC engineering prototype makes an important contribution to preparing fuel cell vehicles for market entry in a period when the profitability of fuel cell technology is not yet assured from an industry perspective.

Thus the project fulfils the objective of strengthening the competitive position of the German automotive industry by entering into alternative propulsion technology.

The project is purposely designed to include German SMEs as development partners and component suppliers of parts and devices. This can only be achieved if these SMEs are qualified in the area of automotive quality and production standards. SME competitiveness can thus be supported in the context of the international market, and the supply of future production series prepared in advance.

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