Feedback from the project participants has so far been overwhelmingly positive. This suggests that over the next few years pedelecs will play a much more significant role in company fleets and on the journey to work.

Concrete results will be available when the socio-scientific and technical research projects have been completed. Being undertaken by the Fachhochschule Frankfurt/Goethe-Universität Frankfurt and the Fraunhofer-Institut IWES respectively, these are currently still ongoing.

Collecting data via questionnaires, diaries and interviews, the socio-scientific research is focusing on the employees’ patterns of use of the pedelecs and on the factors that influence this. Using equipment such as GPS-compatible computers and energy loggers, the technical research project ensured regular capture of data.

The collaboration between the FrankfurtRheinMain Regional Association, acting as project leader, and project partner riese und müller worked very well. The same also applies to the collaboration with the participating institutions, local authorities, businesses and research institutes.

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