BeMobility 2.0 is a project of the Electromobility Model Region Berlin/Potsdam under the lead of Deutsche Bahn AG. Its origins can be traced back to the first project of the Model Region for public shortterm usage of electric rental vehicles (BeMobility 1.0, 2009 — 2011). It comprises a junction to the projects of the “Berlin-Brandenburg International Showcase for Electromobility”.

A chief focus is on the effective integration of e-carsharing in regard to public transportation, information and communication systems as well as urban energy networks and/or recharging infrastructure. Through the synergies existing between the various areas, user friendly, sustainable applications as well as reasonable business models for integrated electromobility are to be developed.

Based and building on existing cooperation partners and test users, the number of stations and information channels of BeMobility 1.0 could be developed further and user surveys continued. The availability of more diverse and improved electric vehicles meant that the quality of the overall service offering was enhanced. At the EUREF Campus in Berlin, the “Micro Smart Grid” (MSG) using locally produced solar and wind energy was established. Recharging infrastructure and energy management (network integration, storage, charge regulation) was tested in the MSG.

The key results include:

  • Site optimisation and accompanying research for station-based e-carsharing within the framework of “Flinkster”, the DB carsharing operation
  • Additional, comparative inclusion of the station-independent (flexible) e-carsharing from Citroën, “Multicity”
  • Simultaneous use and optimisation of a smartphonebased information app (“BeMobility Suite”) through the separation of the “productive” and “research” app
  • Establishment and expansion of the “Micro Smart Grid” with demonstration of load management incl. energy storage and data processing in a control room
  • Introduction of a year-long test of the “BahnCard 25 mobil plus” for discounted use of long-distance German Railways services, carsharing (Flinkster/Multicity), bike rental (Call a Bike) as well as the optional inclusion of an annual ticket for local public transport in Berlin (zones A/B)

Overall, the results confirm that electromobility in public transport requires integration across several levels to be attractive for users and for it to be adequately implemented in the future. The networking requires legal and technical standards along with common sales platforms going beyond those of the service providers themselves. Due to the low preparedness of customers to pay higher prices, additional revenues or compensatory pricing is necessary — such as via tariff bundles (mobility cards) or grid yields (load/storage management). The detailed examination regarding which processes and business models will allow for reasonable operations will be continued in other projects.

more than 75 electric/hybrid vehicles including:

  • 50 C-Zero vehicles deployed in flexible e-carsharing
  • over 25 vehicles in stationary e-carsharing and in e-fleets. Models include: C-Zero, Toyota Prius, Opel Ampera, Fiat Karabag, Renault Kangoo, Stromos (German E-Cars)

Approx. 15 carsharing stations with recharging infrastructure (e-Flinkster), Platform electroMobility and Micro Smart Grid at the EUREF Campus located in the Schöneberg district of Berlin (including around 20 recharging points of various makes, large-scale battery, wind and solar plants)

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH01.01.1231.03.141,301,522.91 €
Innovationszentrum für Mobilität und gesellschaftlichen Wandel (InnoZ) GmbH01.01.1231.12.13730,829.00 €
Technische Universität Berlin01.01.1231.03.141,520,654.50 €
HaCon Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH01.01.1231.12.13345,008.00 €
Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH01.01.1231.12.1385,292.63 €
Contipark Parkgaragengesellschaft mbH01.01.1231.12.1324,559.68 €
Schneider Electric GmbH01.01.1231.03.14268,839.06 €
CHOICE GmbH01.01.1231.03.14112,718.36 €
Happold Ingenieurbüro GmbH01.01.1231.03.14314,151.50 €
Daimler AG01.01.1231.12.13110,925.00 €
4,814,500.64 €