Effective immediately, “Export Initiative Environmental Technologies” has been renamed to “Export Initiative Environmental Protection”. The focus of the funding program is thereby already accurately conveyed in the name of the programme.

The focus of the support provided by the “Export Initiative Environmental Protection” (EXI – Exportinitiative Umweltschutz) is on the benefits for the environment and people. The programme’s name is now intended to convey this focus even more clearly. German green tech know-how is exported for greater environmental protection, higher environmental standards and better living conditions.

The supported projects are to contribute to the development, harmonisation, communication and application of uniform – and, if available, global – environmental standards and the creation of suitable framework conditions to facilitate their implementation. The concrete need for support in the target country is an important aspect of the funding objective, as is the expected environmental benefit. Activities for the dissemination of environmental knowledge, environmental awareness and for building capacities are to be supported in a targeted manner in order to contribute to sustainable development and thus to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030 (with a special focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)).

So, from now on, the name is (even more) in keeping with the programme: Export Initiative Environmental Protection – GreenTech “Made in Germany”.

More on EXI and the activities of NOW GmbH at: www.now-gmbh.de/en/funding/funding-programmes/export-initiative-for-envr-technologies