The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF – Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung) has launched the “Hydrogen Republic of Germany” (“Wasserstoff-Republik Deutschland”) competition as part of the implementation of the National Hydrogen Strategy. The purpose of the hydrogen strategy is to make green hydrogen marketable and prepare Germany’s entry into a hydrogen economy. After all, technologies associated with the production, distribution and use of green hydrogen hold considerable potential for added value and the possibility of making even those areas that are currently causing the greatest climate impact environmentally friendly: industry, transport and the supply of heat.

As part of the competition, the BMBF therefore invites consortia from science, industry and society to submit ideas for hydrogen projects that advance:

  • Water electrolysis on an industrial scale and improve its service life as well as production and operating costs
  • The development of supra-regional transport solutions for green hydrogen
  • Analyses of how a hydrogen production and transport infrastructure can be implemented in a European, climate-friendly and socially accepted way

In addition, the BMBF also invites the submission of outlines for basic research projects. In this way, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research also intends to press ahead with the clarification of specific issues. Basic research will focus on materials research, systems studies and possible key technologies for the next and subsequent generations.

The call for funding, templates for ideas and project outlines as well as further information on the submission process (in German) can be found at:

Further information (in German):