In order to obtain as realistic a picture as possible of hydrogen demand in Germany over the coming years and decades, the National Hydrogen Council (NHC) has gathered relevant data and presented an analysis in this paper.

The demand forecast is based on information provided by the sectors from the process industry, the traffic and transport sector as well as the heating market and was subsequently assessed for plausibility by the NHC. The analysis thus provides a rough but valid overview of anticipated quantities that will need to be produced or imported in Germany. For the year 2030 alone, the NHC expects a total demand of 53-90 TWh, the majority of which will be for the steel industry and heavy goods transport.

The NHC’s analysis also compares the relative CO2 avoidance leverage of hydrogen use in different sectors. By doing so, the data analysis confirms that climate-neutral hydrogen and climate-neutrally produced hydrogen derivatives are indispensable for achieving the climate targets.

In this respect, this paper was designed by the NHC in such a way that future changes in the framework conditions and corresponding impacts on H2 demand can be updated in the document.

Download the paper (in German) here: NWR-Prognosen für Wasserstoffbedarfe (PDF) 


The National Hydrogen Council (Nationale Wasserstoffrat) 

With the adoption of the National Hydrogen Strategy, the German government established the National Hydrogen Council on 10 June 2020. The Council consists of 26 high-level experts from business, science and civil society who are not part of the public administration. The members of the Hydrogen Council have expertise in the areas of production, research and innovation, decarbonisation of industry, transport and building/heating, infrastructure, international partnerships, as well as climate and sustainability. The National Hydrogen Council is chaired by Katherina Reiche, CEO of Westenergie AG and former Parliamentary State Secretary.

The task of the National Hydrogen Council is to advise and support the State Secretary’s Committee for Hydrogen (Staatssekretärsausschuss für Wasserstoff) with proposals and recommendations for action in the implementation and further development of the Hydrogen Strategy.


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