To support transition in structurally weak regions, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding strategic alliances that aim to boost regionally-present innovation potential in the programme: “WIR! Wandel durch Innovation in der Region” (Transformation through innovation in the region). In the second funding round, the alliance comprised of the Leipzig district, HYPOS e.V. and Center for Responsible Research and Innovation of Fraunhofer IAO was selected from 133 entries.

Green hydrogen in the Leipzig region

For its innovation concept, the alliance focusses on green hydrogen. Among others, the Leipzig region along with the Leipzig and North Saxony regions as well as the city of Leipzig are already characterized by various approaches and activities with hydrogen. In the area directly neighbouring the Central German chemical triangle, there are years of experience and infrastructure of hydrogen suppliers and consumers. In this area alone, annual hydrogen demand is approx. 3.6 billion m³ and thus presents a considerable opportunity to decarbonise with green hydrogen. The alliance partners are examining which new hydrogen applications are regionally applicable, for example for different transport operators, municipal fleet operators, such as waste disposal vehicles, as well as logistics.

Innovation with green hydrogen

In the concept phase for the hydrogen transfer region of Leipzig, along with other partners, the alliance is developing an approach with areas of activity and roadmaps as well as a model on the collaborative added value of green hydrogen applications. When the concept phase is completed, the next selection round of the funding programme will show whether the alliance is given the green light to implement its concept.

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